The RES-FOR Team Presents: The Physiological Responses, Climate Change, Chemical Defenses to Stress and Economics/Wood Optimization.

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Barb Thomas - Overview: 0:0:00

Henry An - The Economics of Genomics Assisted Tree Breeding: 0:20:00

Julie Cool - Optimization & utilization of wild versus improved trees – a test case: 0:46:00

Jaime Sebastian Azcona - Tree Rings and Drought, What does it tell us? 1:23:00

Xiaojing Wei - Physiological Responses in Pine and Spruce; Adults and Seedlings: 2:06:00

David Wishart - Metabolomic Responses: Can they help us with tree selection? 2:49:00

Jennifer Klutsch - Chemical Defense Responses in Pine and Spruce: Winners & Losers: 03:18:00