May 22, 2020 - Congratulations to David Wishart and Carin Li on their recent publication:

A new journal article, "PathBank: a comprehensive pathway database for model organisms", was published by a RES-FOR researcher, David Wishart.  RES-FOR bioinformatician, Carin Li, was the second author.

David S Wishart, Carin Li, Ana Marcu, Hasan Badran, Allison Pon, Zachary Budinski, Jonas Patron, Debra Lipton, Xuan Cao, Eponine Oler, Krissa Li, Maïlys Paccoud, Chelsea Hong, An C Guo, Christopher Chan, William Wei, Miguel Ramirez-Gaona, PathBank: a comprehensive pathway database for model organisms, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 48, Issue D1, 08 January 2020, Pages D470–D478,

March 24, 2020 - Congratulations to Andy Benowicz on his recent publication:

A new journal article, "Estimation of the F2 generation segregation variance and relationships among growth, frost damage, and bud break in coastal Douglas-fir wide crosses", was published by RES-FOR collaborator, Andy Benowicz.

Benowicz, A., Stoehr, M., Hamann, A., & Yanchuk, A.D. Annals of Forest Science (2020)

May 22, 2019 - Spatial analysis used for RES-FOR analysis

A new journal article, "Performance of alternative spatial models in empirical Douglas-fir and simulated datasets", published by RES-FOR researcher, Eduardo Cappa describes the spatial analysis to be used with the RES-FOR datasets.  Dr. Cappa's work was published in Annals of Forest Science.

Cappa, E.P., Muñoz, F. & Sanchez, L. Annals of Forest Science (2019) 76: 53.

April 24, 2019 - CONGRATULATIONS to RES-FOR MSc Student, Shuo Wang

Congratulations to Shuo Wang!!    Shuo was selected to win the Western Agricultural Economics Association (WAEA) Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award for her thesis, "Productivity and Technology Adoption in the Alberta Forest Sector"   It is quite an honor to be selected from a very competitive field of nominees. Please click on Shuo's picture or the thesis title to read her thesis!  Shuo received her Master of Science in Agricultural and Resource Economics in the fall of 2018.  She was supervised by RES-FOR co-applicant, Dr. Henry An and co-supervised by Drs. Barb Thomas (RES-FOR Lead) and James Rude.

Outstanding Graduate Paper or Master's Thesis Award (excerpt from WAEA website)

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding research by graduate students. Nominees must have completed a master's degree at an institution within the Association's geographic scope during the past calendar year. Only theses or graduate papers bearing completion dates within the past calendar year will be considered. One graduate paper or master's thesis may be submitted by each institution with no more than one nomination allowed per department. PhD dissertations are not eligible. The evaluation criteria are: (1) Importance of the problem or subject, (2) significance of the results, (3) quality of work, and (4) effectiveness of reporting. Nominations must be made by agricultural economics departments within the geographic scope of the Association.

April 2, 2019 - New analysis step to be added to RES-FOR


A new journal article who's authorship included two RES-FOR researchers, Eduardo Cappa and Shawn Mansfield, was recently published in Plant Science.  Dr. Cappa and the RES-FOR genomics team will be using the same analysis described in the article titled, "Improving genomic prediction of growth and wood traits in Eucalyptus using phenotypes from non-genotyped trees by single-step GBLUP"to analyse the RES-FOR genomic  and phenomic data.

Cappa EP, de Lima BM, da Silva-Junior OB, Garcia CC, Mansfield SD, Grattapaglia D, Improving genomic prediction of growth and wood traits in Eucalyptus using phenotypes from non-genotyped trees by single-step GBLUP, Plant Science (2019),